At Aquila we design multiple systems as highlighted below.

Earthen Structures

Earth systems include rammed earth load bearing wall systems, stabilized earth blocks and earth bag walls

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Timber Frames

Frames and trusses built out of timber members of rectangular and circular sections

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Masonry Structures

Concrete blockwork, clay brickwork, composite systems, cellular systems, stone work walls

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Reinforced Concrete Frames

These incluse sway and non-sway frames

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Structural steel frames

Space frames and trusses comprising steel members

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Steel-Concrete composite systems; Timber-Steel composite frames and trusses

About Us

Aquila gallery is a group of passionate Structural Engineers based in Kampala. We work on a range of projects, from conventional urban high rises to small rural projects that push the envelope in materiality and structure. Our focus is on producing robust and imaginative structural designs with an emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly systems and materials. In collaboration with the greater design team, our structural designs are rooted in the local context. We seek to innovate local solutions to site-specific challenges.


Below are some of our core services.

Structural and Material Modelling

Creating 3D analytical models from architectural concepts by drawing structural members assigning the correct material properties to all structural members, assigning boundary conditions in order.

Structural Analysis

We do of loading structural models and determining the effects of loading a structure.

Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Timber Design

We select appropriate sections and strengths required to resist loading.

Design of Specialised Earth Systems

We design specialised earth systems for example load bearing wall systems, stabilized earth blocks and earth bag walls

Design of Civil Works for Buildings

We do design of drainage systems, and access roads.

Supervision of Construction

We manage and supervise construction sites.

Structural Integrity Assessment

We do visual inspections of existing structures, creation of as built drawings, structural modelling and analysis.

Design of Retention Systems

At Aquila we design and detail systems to retain earth and water.


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