Timber Frames

Timber frames are made of either regular or manufactured timber products put together to for a building. Most timber frames in Uganda are utilized for roof construction however, they can also be used to build walls, beams, slabs and foundations as timber cribs.

The frames may be clad or infilled with earth or masonry units. Timber has the ability to last a very long time as long as it is kept dry and off the ground. Timber at moisture content higher than 14% is susceptible to fungal and insect attack. Aquila gallery has used structural timber frames for various roof construction, partitioning and bracing walls for accommodation buildings and diamond grid structure for a lodge in Murchision falls National Park.


Timber Frames recent projects

Banda D false works

Banda D foundations

Banda D rafter construction

Diamond frame Foundations

Diamond frame joint concept

Diamond grid sample

Dinning frame

Eucalyptus gumpole A-Frame

Ferro cement wall

Massage house

Suspended floor joists

Timber framing

Bracing frames

Diamond frame

Site inspection

Plastered Timber Frame

Timber roof truss

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