Reinforced Concrete Frames

A reinforced concrete frame is one of the most famous building system used in modern construction. It utilizes concrete, a mixture of cement, various aggregates, water, admixtures and reinforcement bars. The discovery of reinforced concrete meant that engineers are no longer restricted to compression only structures (vaults) or tension only structures (cables) but can do a combination of both making it possible to have flat soffit beams and slabs.

The structure may be designed as braced or a sway frame. Bracing may be accommodated by reinforced concrete shear walls or masonry walls tied to the concrete frame. Aquila Gallery has utilized the use of reinforced concrete at MISR pavilion and library extension using slender slanting concrete column of about 5m length supporting slanting and flat soffit slabs that resulted in a stunning piece of art. Several buildings have been assessed by the company for EUDEL in Uganda to facilitate a study for the client’s office relocation. This system, being the most famous in walls. These structures may be plain or reinforced with reinforcement bars, wood posts or bamboo. Since masonry walls are very weak in transmitting tensile forces, inclusion of reinforcement is key for areas with high wind and seismic loads. Different structural forms that enhance the compression capability of masonry walls such catenary vaults, domes, diaphragms wall systems and pier stiffened walls will result in great economy of construction.

Aquila gallery has utilized the use of structural masonry on almost every project using stabilized compressed earth block units, fired clay units, hollow and solid block units and stone.


Reinforced Concrete Frames recent projects

Casting sloping RC flat slab supported by RC columns

Finished frame

Roof formwork

Roof slab

Sloping RC flat slab supported by RC columns, finished

Sloping RC flat slab supported by RC columns

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