Structural steel frames

Structural steel building frames utilize iron – carbon alloys molded in several shapes. This is one of the lightest and fastest system in modern construction. Steel sections, normally hot or cold rolled are manufactured to utilize a very stiffness to area ratio ensuring that very light members can carry extremely heavy loads. However, the production of steel currently generates up to 9% of direct emissions from the global use of fossil fuel and because of this, we limit its use in situations that are un- avoidable. Our use of structural steel frames has been limited mostly to water tank towers. Water tank towers that raise 10m above the ground have so far been constructed for the ISU – Kamuli project and Nile Safari Lodge. We have also used very light weight steel trusses for the schools in Kidepo owing to the fact that the buildings are in very remote areas.

The roof trusses for two schools were fabricated in Kampala and transported on a single 7-ton truck to Karamoja.


Structural steel frames recent projects

Steel frame with composite beams

Steel purlins and bracing

Roof construction

Floor Grinding

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